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Monday, February 7, 2011

Windows 8 May Hit Retail in January, 2013

Windows 8 May Hit Retail on January 7, 2013

Microsoft will release two public betas and one release candidate by late 2012

    Microsoft doesn't talk openly about Windows 8, even with that name. However, it's no secret that the software giant is already working on it. Paul Paliath, the author with GeekSmack, spotted the details about the arrival of Windows 8 from a heavily trusted Russian website WZOR. This Russian site has given loads of previews about Microsoft products in the past and hence we are counting this information close to authentic.

    While we are anticipating the release of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 sometime soon, the details about the next major Windows Operating System version are flowing out. According to WZOR, Microsoft has already started working on Windows 7 Service Pack 2 since the fall of 2010 and it is expected to be released in mid-2012, provided everything goes well.

    From March 2012 onwards, Microsoft will begin Milestone 3 development of Windows 8. Two public betas and one Release Candidate of the Windows 8 are expected to be released that time. Three months after the release candidate is out, Windows 8 will reach the Release To Manufacture phase.

    As per WZOR, the next version of Windows OS would be called Microsoft Windows 2012 Apocalypse Edition. The final build of this version would be released by the end of 2012. Windows 2012 AE is expected to finally reach general availability on January 7, 2013. Do note that these are estimated dates and might change over a period of time. Back in October 2010, we reported about Windows 8 arrival information put up at company's Dutch site. Now, the timeline suggested by WZOR changes it all. We can start compiling our wishlist of features from the next version of Windows operating system.

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