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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Websites Doesnot Get Pagerank Update in 2011

google pagerank 150x150 New Websites Doesnot Get Pagerank Update in 2011This Post Is dedicated to all those webmasters who have put their sweat and blood in building links and posting quality content on their website but still have not got any pagerank update in 2011.I know it can be very frustrating for some and some even donot bother for the pagerank.

My website does not got any pagerank update in January 2011 and it bothered me a little bit.In terms of SEO pagerank has lost its importance but still when you do reciprocal links or oneway links for other sites at that point of time pagerank really counts.BTW I do none of them.

I have put a lot of effort in this website and was expecting pagerank of PR2-PR3 on google update but the results were not as expected.So it lead me to investigate what went wrong.On searching I found that all the websites which are older then 6-8 months have their pagerank updated and the new websites did not get any pagerank update.So,If your new website does not got any pagerank update then there is no need to panic or worry.

It seems a new policy adopted by google. Moreover if your posting quality,Unique content regularly then you might have observed increase in traffic as is the case with me.So,concentrate more on what your readers want.

Congrats to all those who got good pagerank updates and those who have not got any wait for the next update

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