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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trick on How To Download Songs From

Trick on How To Download Songs From is one of the most popular online songs streaming website.It has some very rare songs and latest arrivals especially Punjabi songs that are sometimes not available on other websites.So, In this post I will tell you the trick on How you can Download Songs from

This trick is not limited only for but it can be used for most of the online streaming websites.Before I give you the whole trick let me explain the basic concept of how online streaming works so that you can know where this trick will work and on which websites it wont work.

How Online Streaming of Songs Work?
The songs that are streamed are stored on the server of the websites.Whenever you play a song usually a Flash/javascript player opens so that you cannot get the direct links of the song on the server.But you may have noticed that if you play the complete songs once it will can be played again (if you haven’t closed the music player) even if you disconnect your Internet connection.This is because the song is already stored in the cache of the web Browser.

Trick to Locate The Cache Folder
If you are able to locate the cache of the song which has been already played in the music player then it means that you have downloaded the song.It is quite easy to locate the cache folder in google chrome so I recommend you that you you should use google chrome for this trick.
Make Sure that you have enabled to View hidden Files and Folders.
  • The cache folder for Google Chrome in Windows 7 can be located at
C, being the system root. If you are not sure about the system root you can replace C: with %systemroot%.
Also donot forget to replace USER_NAME to your windows username
  • The cache folder for Google Chrome in Windows Xp can be located at
C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome
Once you go to the cache folder you will probably see hundreds of files.
Trick to Find Song In cache folder
As you will probably see hundreds of files with random names and no extensions it can be quite difficult to locate the song.But you will see that most of the files will have very small size like less then 500 kb.So sort the files according to their size.

As songs have usually size of 3 mb to 8 mb you can easily recognize you song.Play the file with Vlc player.If this is song you were looking for then copy it and paste it at your desired location by renaming the song with the extension of .MP3 (Make sure you have unchecked hide files files extension in folder options in control Panel)

Websites On which this Trick Will not Work
There are some famous websites like and probably others which do not save any cache file on your browser.So this trick will not work on these type of website.To test whether this trick will work or not the website simply play the complete song replay it and disconnect the Internet in between if the songs plays continuously the this trick will work else Find Another Website

Note:-Cache of the song will be stored on when you have played the complete song.So,Do Not panic if the cache doesn’t appear.Wait for the song to be completed.


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