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Monday, February 7, 2011

How to get Gmail, Yahoo, AOL Read Receipt Notification

How much time do you usually take to reply to your incoming email? My favorite thing to do is to reply to my emails instantaneously. But when I am busy with work, I cannot do it with every email which I receive. At times I am away from office, sometimes outstation and sometimes I defer due to tiredness.

Practically, I try my best to respond to all incoming emails on the same day. I know that a sender may be eagerly waiting for my reply. Even though their email may not be so important for me, but as they took time to write an email to me in today’s busy world, for them, it must have been vital.

For sure, no email rule book is out there at the market. Once someone asked me if it was ok to reply to an email she received a month ago!

How would you feel if you were the sender of that email?

It has been agreed by most of the people in this world that most frustrating about any sort of mail is waiting. In past, people had to wait for weeks or even months before they receive a reply for their mail. This waiting period has been drastically reduced by today’s email, but still there is waiting period involved. Not just waiting, but the uncertainty, that the recipient has received and read your message or not. Theoretically, you have no way of knowing whether or not your message has been reached to the recipient. It may not got blocked by some spam filters, or even in worse case, you are just ignored!

It would have been good to know for sure that they have received your email message and what they did with it. Some email client software allow us to use Read receipt or Return receipts with our email, but the problem with Read receipt and Return Receipt is that the recipient must acknowledge them, otherwise these are of no use. There should be some way to get email read confirmation without using these Read receipts.

It was not possible earlier, but now you can know about it and even much more than that.

I have found an email tracking service, GetNotify.  They take the “uncertainty of not knowing” part of the email equation out of it.  I have read their FAQ’s and then sent an email using their email tracking service. Now I was feeling like a secret detective who is tracking how much time will she require to read my email.


GetNotify’s email tracking service is really easy to use. What you need to do is to put a small white colored Tracking Image in your email which you want to track and you are done! Just send the email in the same way you use to send earlier. The most satisfactory part of this process is that your email will not pass through any third party’s mail server. So there is no concern about the privacy of your email at all. The only thing which is additional in your email is a tracking image, which is inserted by you in your email. There is no way that reads or even sees your email! does not require you to install any spyware or any other kind of software on your or your recipient’s computer.

By using their powerful tracking system, you can:

  1. Track the exact date and time your recipient opened your email. You can also track how many times your email was read by your recipient.
  2. Track the geographical location of your recipient i.e. the country from where recipient opened your email.
  3. Track the IP address of recipient.
  4. Track if your email was forwarded or opened on a different PC.
  5. Unfortunately, they cannot track if the email is deleted by the recipient without even opening it. In such a case, you will just see a “not yet read” status for indefinite period of time.
In the end I tell you the best part of this article. GetNotify is an absolutely free email tracking service that works with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc and all client side email programs including Outlook, Eudora etc.

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