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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How To Reface Your Facebook Profile Using FB Photo Magic

Facebook has decided that all of its users’ account will be upgraded to the new profile, which was introduced last December. Even though not everybody likes the arrangement that comes with the new profile, the new layout opens up to some cool “hacking” possibilities.
It’s said that Alexandre Oudin – a French artist – was the first one who explored the possibilities of creatively “refacing” the new profile page. Since then, many people have come up with their own version of a personalized profile page. As the refacing process required some skills in photo editing and the tenacity to find the perfect arrangement, most of us couldn’t (or wouldn’t) join in the craze. But that was in the past. Today, everything can be done easily in a few steps with the help of an online tool called FB Photo Magic.

Let’s Create Some Magic

If you want to join all the cool kids on Facebook, why don’t you try to reface your own profile page? Go to the FB Photo Magic and click the “Start” button.
fb photo magic
Click “Choose File” to pick the picture that you want to upload and then click “Upload Photo“. Based on my experiment, it’s advisable to pre-process the photo prior to uploading it. Not only will you get the portion of the image that you want, but you will also get a smaller size compared to the original picture.
facebook photo magic
The first thing that you will notice after the uploading process is the drop down list of “Text lines“. This list asks you to choose one of the numbers according to how many lines there are on your profile page.
facebook photo magic
To get the figure, go to your profile page and count the lines under your name next to your profile picture.
photomagic on facebook
Then you can set the image template. You can resize the box and move it around.  The parts of the picture under the white boxes are the ones that will show up on your profile page. Adjust the boxes’ position so that they will overlay portions of the image that you want to show.
photomagic on facebook
Click the “Save” button at the top right corner of the page, then continue by clicking “Upload to Facebook“.
photomagic on facebook
A confirmation window will open, asking you to allow FB Photo Magic to access your Facebook account.
01h Request For Permission.jpg
When everything is done, you’ll see the success message along with quick instructions on how to set everything up.
01j Upload Success.jpg

Completing The Process

Now we are a few steps away before we finish the refacing process. To complete the journey, log into your Facebook account and go to the “Photos” page by clicking on the link in the sidebar under the profile picture. Then open the FB Photo Magic album.
02a FB Photos.jpg
Inside the album, you will see a set of “puzzle” photos that you’ve just created. Click on the last picture to open it. This last picture is the largest picture on the left that will be your profile picture.
02b The Last Picture.jpg
Go to the lower part of the photo page and click on the link “Make Profile Picture“.
facebook photo magic
Then click “Okay” in the confirmation window.
02d Confirm.jpg
And you’re done.
Just for the sake of the experiment, I created another set of profile pictures using my daughter’s photo, activated it, and decided to keep the result (she’s a lot more photogenic than I!)
fb photo magic

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