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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What not to do with your Mobile Phone

What not to do with your Mobile Phone 

It is never too late

Human beings are like bulbs, not all are equally bright. Sometimes they tend to do things that are strange and totally unnecessary. They pick up a habit of doing something and then they continue to do that whether it makes any sense or not. This is especially true in the world of technology. We all know that guy who constantly refreshes his screen in Windows, even though Windows can do it automatically. There are many such things that people do with mobile phones as well. Today we will list some of them.

-Don't cover the microphone

People have this habit - something they picked up while using landline phones - of covering the microphone when they have to interrupt a phone conversation to speak to someone next to them.

Although this worked fine with old landline phones, as you could cover the entire microphone with your palm, it does not work on modern phones. They have a much more sensitive microphone, which can work even when blocked. Also, due to their design, the mic isn't always easy to block.

A better thing to do is use two functions that all phones come with. The first option is to use Hold; here the person on the other side is informed that the caller has put them on hold, while they are made to listen to music. The other option is to use mute, where the microphone is deactivated and the person on the other side would have no idea what you are speaking.

Both these methods are 100% effective at preventing the person on the other side knowing that you are swearing at him. Yet, people like to hold the base of their phone as if they are trying to plug a leak when there are simpler alternatives available.

-Don't hold the handsfree mic close to your face 

This is another situation where people underestimate the strength of the microphone. There is a reason it is called a handsfree headset. If you are going to hold the microphone to your mouth all the time then it defeats the purpose of using a handsfree headset. Just because it seems right to you doesn't mean you should do it.

Bringing it close to your face wouldn't make any difference to the clarity of your voice. The microphones in handsfree headsets are very powerful and are designed to pick your voice up even when they are hanging close to your chest. I can understand when you are in a very noisy environment, where bringing it close enough for it to catch your spit can make you more audible to the person on the other side but some people have a habit of holding the mic to their mouth all the time.

I wonder what they do when they wear a Bluetooth headset. I'm sure they would want to pull it off and shove it down their throats every time they want to speak!

-Stop talking loudly on the phone

talking loudly

You people have got to stop underestimating the power of the microphone! Some people are so loud on the phone that if the call were to accidentally disconnect the person on the other side wouldn't know, as he would still be able to hear your voice. They invented telephone so people don't have to shout like that anymore, just like they invented email, so people don't have to send messages via pigeons. Although it seems somebody forgot to tell the pigeons that they are fired as they still tend to hang around people's homes.

-Remove that sticker from your phone's display

The thin transparent sheet that you get on your phone's display is there to protect it while it is being brought to you from the factory. After that you are supposed to remove it. This is why some manufacturers even put some text or images on it so that people would have no choice but to remove them. Because they know people who have enough money to buy stuff won't always be very smart.

These films, despite being transparent, tend to distort the image quality of the display. If it's a touchscreen, it reduces the touch response of the display. Not to mention the fact that it makes the phone look ugly. People are probably afraid that if they remove the film, the display will attract scratches, which would be bad because it would distort the image quality of the display and make the phone look ugly. I wonder what else can do that.

-Don't put your phones in ugly cases

ugly mobile phone case

Some people buy ultra-expensive and ultra-stylish phones and then put them in ultra-ugly cases. I really don't understand the point of a case to begin with. I mean, do you walk around covered in bubble wrap just to protect yourself from being damaged? Then why put your phone through a similarly ridiculous ordeal? Accidents can happen; it would probably get scratched if it were to fall but really, would it look any uglier than it would in that case? 

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