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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Better Access To Downloads List In Firefox : Tip

Computer users who want to access a list of recent Firefox downloads need to open the web browser to access that list providing that the download records are stored and not deleted on exit or user request. Downloads are listed under Tools > Downloads or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-j.

Firefox Download View is an alternative for the Windows operating system. The free portable software lists all recent Firefox downloads after launch in its interface. The main advantage of using the software is that it offers better accessibility and processing options.

Each download is listed with its file name, website address that it was downloaded from, the full path on the local drive where it was saved to, the referrer if available, mime type of the file, file size, download duration and average download speed.

Especially a look at the average download speed could provide valuable information about the speed of the Internet connection over time. The average download speed is
calculated from the start and end time of the download and the size of the file.

The utility is compatible with both Firefox 3 and Firefox 4, earlier versions of the web browser are not supported.

Firefox Download View offers additional options besides the download reporting. It is possible to open the url the file was downloaded from, or the folder on the local drive. Entries can furthermore be copied to the clipboard or exported into text, csv, HTML or XML files.

Users who also use the HashMyFiles utility from Nirsoft can copy and paste the list into the tool to calculate hashes for each individual download.

Firefox Download View can be downloaded from the official Nirsoft website. The portable software is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

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