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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Will Facebook To Start VOIP Service?

Facebook To Start VOIP Service?

You may soon be calling your friends using Facebook

Facebook has been adding several new features, but there was one feature it has been sorely missing for a long time VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). But if this report is really true, then we may get that feature as well very soon.
According to a Facebook user Tipster Williams wrote: "So I was just chatting on Facebook chat and I got the option to 'call' my friend. it swiftly disappeared." This Facebook user was apparently able to place a VOIP call over Facebook with this 'new' feature exposed for some time.
This report gets more credibility because of previous reports about HTC and Facebook teaming up for something, with HTC about to show off Facebook branded hardware at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 at Barcelona, Spain, in February.

Will Facebook really enter into this new venture, or is this just a rumour? Only time will tell. Nonetheless, this is a very feasible option for a social networking website such as Facebook, as it will possibly take it to the next level of its growth with VOIP integration. It will possibly compete with Google, which has its own VOIP service, although it is currently restricted only to US, and this would likely be the case with Facebook as well. That being said, Facebook will have to make sure that it takes extra care of its security, considering that there have been several security breaches on this social networking website recently.

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