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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sophos Releases Free Anti-virus for Apple Mac

Sophos Releases Free Anti-virus for Apple Mac

A scaled down version of Sophos Anti-virus 7.2

OSX, being a Unix derivative, enjoys some of its many perks, like better protection from malicious software, but it still doesn't guarantee total invulnerability. Open source alternatives like Linux fare better, because they are updated and patched constantly against growing threats. Macs cannot boast of the same due to their closed source code, which is why the platform has to contend with a relatively higher number of virus attacks. There has been a decline in the long-standing user fallacy about the ability of Macs to do without anti-virus protection.

Sensing a growing market for Mac based anti-virus solutions, Sophos has released a free anti-virus for OSX. The anti-virus can detect and block malware that may spread from websites, e-mail, malicious content on USB drives. This anti-virus also detects and remedies malware originating from and meant for Windows machines. It is a scaled down non-commercial version of Sophos Anti-Virus 7.2 for the Mac. It will compete with similar offerings from Avast and PCTools.

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