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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trick To Launch Multiple applications With Lacuna

Trick To Launch Multiple applications With  Lacuna
If you always open certain set of applications like I always open my browser,Yahoo messenger and GTalkwhenever I connect to internet.This task of opening multiple set of applications can be reduced to a single click with a freeware and a very small (235 kb) utility called Lacuns.The download link for Lacuna is provided in this post.The set of Tasks theat you can do with this application is as follows
  • Set a delay for launching applications at startup
  • Space out the launching with a pause in between them
  • Control the order in which applications were opened
  • Launch many applications with a single shortcut

In this tutorial I will Explain to you about How to use this application

  1. Download Lacuna Luancher (235 Kb) .It will be zip file.
  2. The zip file will contain  list.txt and  ll.exe
  3. Enter the paths of the .exe files of the softwares you want to launch simultaneously in List.txt one per line.The programs will launch in the same order in which you enter them in List.txt
  4. Now whenever you will click on ll.exe all your applications will be launched simultaneously.
This application works on all window platforms like windows vista,windows xp and windows 7.
I recommend you that you should also Readme.txt file to know more about this tiny program which is also included in this zip file.

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