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Friday, February 25, 2011

View Previously Opened Pages In Google Chrome In Same Window

Internet history is one of the important option which can be used when we have to go back to the webpages we have viewed in the past. Many a times, it happens that we forget to bookmark the important pages or close them by mistake. In all such circumstances, it is very important to anyhow to go to those pages to view history. But at the same time, we don’t want to waste our time in opening the new tab and search for them. So, better option is to use Sexy History Viewer Lite. It is one of the best user friendly Google Chrome Extension I have come across.

Sexy History Viewer Lite is the free extension provided by Google chrome. Install the extension from the link mentioned below. It is only one click process and the icon will be present on the right hand top corner as shown in the snapshot below.

Technix Update - Computer Tips, Tech News, Gadgets & Useful Softwares - Google C_2011-02-16_18-22-57

Now, whenever you have to view the history, click on the icon and the history will be presented to you. All the webpages will be displayed along with the time of the use of the webpage. One of the wonderful option is the search option present at the bottom. Make the entry of the webpage, you want to search. It will display the related webpage you have visited in past.

Another interesting feature is that you can change the settings as per your requirement. The search bar can be viewed at the top of all the history results. You can even select whether you want the search bar or not. The time of the opening the webpage is to be displayed or not. Select if the font is to be displayed in bold. The amount of history to be displayed can vary from 3 to 250. Similarly, the line of text to display for each entry can vary from No Limit, 1, 2 to 6. Please remember to save the changes you have made  because the options are not auto-saved.


You can keep updating the extension to get more interesting options. This will make the extension more handy and beneficial. You will surely like the extension because now you can view the history on the same page. The search option which was not present earlier is now accessible. So, you don’t have to scroll down through all the history to reach the desired result. So, view the history the way you want.

Install Sexy History Viewer Lite

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