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Monday, February 21, 2011


Wanna disappear completely? Be like a ghost - Invisible.

For making your orkut  profile  invisible follow the steps:
1) Click on edit profile
2) Copy the code given in the following box:

(The following box may seem to be empty, but it do contain some magical invisible powder, just select the contents and copy it)
Copy any ONE of the three:



Works for BOTH but displays  a _ in when the profile name is used as a hyperlink

3) Paste the above copied magical code in the First Name and Last Name text boxes on your "edit profile" page.

4) Click on Update

5) Visit THIS page.

6) Right click HERE and save the picture on your desktop by clicking on 'Save Link As' from the drop down menu.

7) Now, on the page you opened in the 4th step, browse the just downloaded picture and click on 'Upload photo'.

That's all.

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