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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fix Windows 7 Start Menu Search Problem

Windows 7 start menu search has some problems with displaying search results properly in some cases. It displays the the search category and does not display the search items properly under those categories.


The above picture shows the correct way of results, but in case your copy of Windows 7 has this problem, then you will see categories like Programs, Control Panel and the items under these headings will be missing. I will tell you how you can fix this issue through Windows registry change / hotfix installation.


Fix Windows 7 Search By Installing Hotfix

There is a windows 7 update hotfix for the search issue which can fix this issue, you need to download and Install this Hotfix from Microsoft. Restart your computer and this problem will be fixed.

Fix Windows 7 Search By Registry Changes

You can also fix it by registry change if you can not download the hotfix for some reason.
1. Press “Windows Key + R” together to launch run prompt. Type “regedit” and press ok.


2. If this displays a UAC notification like one below, press OK


3. Navigate to the key :

4. Right click and delete the above sub-key:


5. Restart the computer.

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