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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Change your Facebook News Feed Settings to see all updates

The New Facebook has a plethora of added options and tweaks as compared with the older version. The News Feed from your friends is fully customizable and you can even sort the feeds by Status Updates, Photos, Links, Page Updates or Pages. But have you noticed lately that you are seeing the updates in your news feed only from the same people? Not just that, you must have also noticed that only the same circle of your friends are commenting on your pictures and status updates while others seem to take no account of your updates? Don’t worry, its not that your friends are ignoring you outright; the default settings for the News Feed in Facebook is the culprit.

Due to the default settings for News Feed, most of your friends don’t get your updates and you don’t get theirs either. On the New Facebook, the Settings for the News Feed is set to show only posts from people who you’ve recently interacted with or interacted the most with. This limits your so called “most interacting peers” to the ones who you interacting frequently with just a few days or weeks before switching to the new profile. So, your friends who interacted with you within those weeks or the ones on whose posts you commented on only fall in the list of the people you interact with the most. Same is the case for the like pages; i.e. the pages that you were commenting on.

Same is the case for your friends; if they weren’t commenting on your posts or if you weren’t commenting on theirs in the last few weeks before switching to the new profile, they aren’t seeing your updates lately.

Facebook Newsfeed settings
Facebook Newsfeed settings

But you can modify the settings for the News Feed and you’ll start seeing the updates from your friends whom you haven’t been hearing from lately. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your News Feed and click on “Edit Options”. You can also get the options box by clicking on “Edit Options” from the “Most Recent” dropdown at the top of your News feed. On the “Show Posts From” dropdown, you’ll see that the option “Friends and pages you have interacted with most” is selected by default. Instead, choose the next option i.e. All of your friends and Updates and click on the Save button. This will do the trick and the updates from all your friends will start appearing on your News Feed.

Also ask your friends to do this or they won’t be seeing your updates if you haven’t interacted with them lately.

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