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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mozilla to Add Do-not-track Feature to Firefox

Mozilla to Add Do-not-track Feature to Firefox

New feature will broadcast a do-not-track message on each website the user visits

    Mozilla has decided to add a do-not-track feature to their web browser Firefox, which will prevent websites and advertisers from tracking a user's actions online. Once activated through the settings, this feature would broadcast a do-not-track message to each website that a user visits. However, it still depends upon the owners of those websites or advertising companies whether or not they choose to collect user data. Microsoft had a similar feature in the older versions of Internet Explorer, but had to remove it because it was having a negative impact on the business of online advertisers. Google is expected to implement something similar in their Chrome web browser, but it won't be built-in and would require third-party software. While Mozilla's tool would be pretty useful to users in maintaining their privacy, the fact that it depends upon online services to go against their best interests and not collect your data makes us doubt its effectiveness. 

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