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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Run Google Talk in Firefox Sidebar

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This is a method of “How to Run Google Talk in Firefox Sidebar”

The Google Talk Gadget is clearly more usable than the stand-alone G- Talk desktop client or the floating AJAX version in Gmail.
Here, each chat session opens up as a tab (like Firefox browser tabs), it can show previews of images or video and the chat client can easily be embedded inside WebPages.
There’s however a small problem – while we have browser windows in front of us all the time, the same may not hold true for the webpage (like the Google personalized page) where we have embedded the G-Talk gadget.
So here’s an alternate option – put the Google Talk client in the Firefox sidebar so it always stays in the foreground no matter what website you are on currently.
To add Google Talk to your Firefox sidebar, bookmark the following URL (right-click and choose Bookmark this link)
Now goto Bookmarks menu, navigate to the above bookmark, right click and choose Properties. Tick the checkbox that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar.
Most of the corporate offices block gtalk along with other messengers. With this trick, you’ll be able to access google talk, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ messengers in the offices, schools or any other places where these messengers are blocked for use. You don’t need to install any of these messengers on your system. It can be accessed through any modern browsers.

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