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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Google hacking Guide using google search operators:

In General hacking deserves several explanations and definitions depending upon different people and knowledge, anyway many will be aware of this term "google hacking".

And few may also know few tricks of google hacking, but many are not aware of the many google hacking methods which are very much helpful in hacking.

Check Google operators in google search engine.
This operators which are helpful in several
information gathering terms, which sometimes give sensible information of web pages available to the public user.

For example you can type

youll get the basic information like how many pages are there in that particular site
you can also specifically categorise your search like, filetype:pdf

This will show you the pdf contents of that particular website, there are several other
such features available in "google operators", which will give the output including the flaws of the web page but it all depends on how we search.

The Cache available in the search is also helpful in knowing the Previous state of the wenpage we are searching for.

Do spend a time in google operators and enhance your search.

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