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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unblock facebook at school and work...!!!

The killer facebook unblocker tricks

More & more schools, colleges and offices have started blocking Facebook using Firewalls.They really don’t understand we learn more by playing games on facebook than studying from the books, We feel recharged & hence work harder when we play games on facebook. But i am sure those stupid administrators will never understand this.
So here is the solution to unblock or unlock facebook & to bypass those stupid firewalls.
All you have to do is go to websites like

& enter whatever website you would want to unblock & BANG…. Facebook is unblocked & you can use the facebook with full features.
Now if your network administrator is smart enough he will catch you when he sees a proxy website in your browsing history.
So lets bypass their smartness now.
now enter in the large box on the left hand side, the box should look like the image shown below.
Unblock facebook at school

in a few seconds you will see a link in the right hand side that says
Click on that link.
Now it will take you the next page as shown below.
Unblock facebook at school or work using google translate
Click anywhere on the facebook logo or the text that says “go to”
The entire website will open without any problem. & Your network administrator will keep thinking you were browsing some foriegn website with a translator.

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