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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turn your Webcam into a surveillance camera

There are many situations in which you require to monitor your work area or your home. Here we have few free softwares which can turn your Webcam into a surveillance camera.

1. Rise Sun:

Rise Sun is a free Windows based video security software. Which uses a webcam for motion detection. In case of any movement detection it automatically takes a snapshot and saves it on your hard disk. It can ring an alarm if any movement is detected.  Download Rise Sun.

2. TeboCam:

TeboCam does the same job as Rise Sun. But it can send you emails also in case of any activity. TeboCam can generate snapshots at regular intervals and if any movement is found it can create emails and send the snapshots to you via mail or it can directly upload it on the website. Download link Tebocam.

3. Prog’z WebCamSpy:

Prog’z WebCamSpy is not as good as the previous two softwares mentioned here. But it can be used to make your webcam a spy cam. It is a lightweight software. Does not require much resources to work. It just sits silently and takes snapshots using webcam at regular interval and saves them on your computer. It also can zoom on particular portion while recording so you can use it for monitoring specific areas. Download Prog’z WebCamSpy.

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