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Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Get Detailed Information About Your Video Card

Using a small and free Windows program, you can get very detailed information about your PC’s video card. Here’s how –
  1. Start out by downloading GPU-Z. It’s an .exe and doesn’t actually need to be installed – so once the download has completed, just double-click it to run it. 
  2. Click the Close button when the update window pops up – unless there is in fact an update – in which case you should download it.
  3. The Graphics Card tab is the one that will be displayed by default. From here you can find out everything about your video card – its Name, GPU, Device ID, and far, far more.
  4. Select the Sensors tab. These are the things that can be monitored in (semi) real-time. If you open a ‘graphics heavy’ program, you’ll see the video card usage (Memory Used, Temp etc) increase.
  5. That’s about it. You can keep this program around by storing it somewhere in your Home folder, or move it to your Program Files folder and create a shortcut to it on your desktop
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