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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Backup & Save Facebook Account Data with SocialSafe

Few days back, Yahoo deleted millions of images and softwares hosted on their free web site service ‘Geocities’. Within seconds millions of websites containing images or softwares hosted on geocities were vanished from websphere. Why Yahoo did deleted Geocities? The reason is simple – Low Profitability.
What would you do if one day Facebook accidentally or intentionally delete your account? Can you trust them?
Never trust or think that your data is secure on a website or social networking sites like Facebook.
Facebook is popular social networking service for storing business contacts, images, note, et cetera. It’s up to you to archive or take the backup of your critical data lying on Facebook account.

SocialSafe, an Adobe Air app is a backup tool for Facebook that allows you to save all your content from your Facebook account directly to your local hard drive. The tool has simple user interface that lets you connect to Facebook account to download or archive photos, friends, wall status and profile for offline viewing. SocialSafe’s Time Capsule feature allows you to see your friends, photos and profile from previous backups.

SocialSafe Screenshots in Action



Why you should use SocialSafe to backup Facebook Account?
  • What would you do if your Facebook account is hacked, deleted or simply lost? It is very painful when you loose all your contacts, photos and important information hosted on facebook. SocialSafe keeps your content safe in your computer. SocialSafe helps you to archive your facebook photo albums and keep a copy of all your friend.

  • SocialSafe archive your facebook account data in your hard drive which can be accessed without having internet connection.

  • If you receive lots of wall updates and find no time to check in office then you can use SocialSafe to view all your Facebook wall updates, view photos on your computer, anytime without internet connection

  • SocialSafe works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX Leopard and Tiger.
Browse the Archived Facebook Content
SocialSafe takes the backs up of your Facebook account’s photos, profile and friends directly to your computer. The files are stored in the following location:
  • Mac: /Users/[USER_NAME]/Library/Preferences/com.1minus1.SocialSafeXXXXXXXXX/Local Store
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings[USER_NAME]\Application Data\com.1minus1.SocialSafeXXXXXXXXX\Local Store\
  • Windows Vista:
  1. Click the Start option in the bottom left corner of the desktop screen and then Click Control Panel
  2. Select Classic View in the left hand pane and then Click Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders. Click OK
  3. Click the start option in the bottom left corner of the Desktop screen and then Click Computer
  4. Click users name under folders in the left hand column and then Click the App Data folder
  5. Click the com.1minus1.socialsafe folder ->local store -> Facebook folder.
  • Windows 7:
  1. Click the Start option in the bottom left corner of the desktop screen and then Click Control Panel
  2. Click Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders and then Click OK
  3. Click the start option on the bottom left of the desktop screen.
  4. Open your personal folder at the top right of the start menu -> Open the folder entitled AppData -> Open the folder entitled Roaming -> Open the folder entitled com.1minus1.socialsafe.D675… -> Open the folder entitled Local Store -> Open the folder entitled Facebook.

SocialSafe Video in action 

How much does SocialSafe Cost?
SocialSafe Licence is available for $2.99, payable by Paypal. The license key can be used twice, so you can install on your main computer or device and one other machine.

Download SocialSafe

Download SocialSafe to archive Facebook Account

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