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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tips and Tricks For Firefox Address Bar

he Firefox address bar can be put to good use and you can tweak it according to your needs. You can hide the search suggestions, interchange the position of Firefox awesome bar and the address bar and do a lot of creative things from the address bar itself. Here is a list of 5 simple tips and tricks for the Firefox address bar:

1. Turn off Google Search Suggestions in Firefox Awesome Bar

Firefox has a nice awesome bar placed at the right top of the browser window. This is how the “Awesome bar” looks in Firefox:
Firefox Awesome Bar Search Suggestions
By default, the awesome bar consists of a list of search engines e.g Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, Creative Commons and Wikipedia. The awesome bar lets you perform a search in any of these search engines right from the browser and without requiring to open the search engine in a new tab. This is useful but may be embarrassing some times. If you want to turn off the search suggestions in Firefox Awesome bar, follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Click the Search icon placed at the left top of Firefox Awesome bar and select “Manage Search Engines”.
Manage Search Engines in Firefox Awesome Bar
2. In the next window, deselect the checkbox “Show Search suggestions” and press Ok. You are done.
Manage Search Suggestions in Firefox Awesome bar
The Firefox awesome bar search suggestions feature is disabled forever.

2. Search From the Firefox Address Bar

You can use the address bar to search using your favorite search engine (lets’ assume Google). Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:
1. Type about:config in Firefox address bar and click “I will be careful, I promise”.
Firefox about Config Window
2. In the next Window that appears, type keyword.URL as the filter type.
About Config Keyword Url parameter
3. Double click the “Value” field and enter
Set default search engine to search from Firefox Address bar
Press Ok and you are done. Type anything in the Firefox address bar and hit enter to perform search at Google. You can use the same procedure and tweak Firefox address bar to search for a keyword on a different search engine instead.

3. Turn Off Website and Bookmark Suggestions in Firefox Address Bar

The Firefox address bar has two useful features. First, you can bookmark websites right from the address bar by clicking the small yellow “star” icon placed at the extreme right. Second, when you type something – the Firefox address bar shows a list of websites as suggestions. These websites are shown depending upon your browsing history and bookmarks.
It can be really annoying to see address bar suggestions and you may want to completely turn off suggestions from showing up in the Firefox address bar. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:
1. Click “Tools -> Options” and navigate to the “Privacy” tab.
2. You will see a setting for the Firefox Location bar under “When using the Location bar suggest”. Choose “Nothing” as the option.
Turn off Firefox Location Bar
3. That’s it. You have just tweaked Firefox not to show location bar suggestions from your browsing history and bookmarks.

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