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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save Heaps of Memory by Deleting Duplicate ‘Images’

If you use a digital camera to click pictures and then transfer it to PC for sharing it with friends on social networking websites, you may create duplicate copies of picture stored previously in another directory.
What does it do?

Nothing much but it takes up your memory, if you have a 12MP camera then expect at least 2MB – 5MB space getting wasted for every image whose duplicate recreated in the hard drive.

Now it is not possible for you to make searches from your ‘Windows Search’ and find the duplicates, it is very time-consuming too.

If you don’t manage your photographs well, almost invariable your PC hard drive would look like a dust bin where everything is just stacked without order.

Before using certain softwares to correct this mistake let’s try to find some solutions to prevent it.
Use the Tagging

Every Photograph has attributes function to it using which you can add the date and tags; these tags will help you sort the images. Since your pictures might not be of same size or same name, it may be difficult otherwise.
Tagging lets you sort the pictures according to the event; once the pictures are sorted you can manually look for duplicities and delete them.

Deleting Duplicate Images using Picasa


Picasa a free photo-sharing website, their desktop software enables you to upload your images directly to Picasa photo-sharing website. Now, if you want to delete pictures using Google Picasa Software, proceed to

Step 1 – Download the Google Picasa Desktop Software and Install it.

Step 2 – Once the software is running, add pictures from the folders you want to check for duplicates.

Step 3 – Go to tools à Experimental and then click on ‘Show Duplicate Files’.

This will make Picasa sort images in a way that pictures which matches with Picasa’s Duplicate Settings would get listed. Now you can selected the duplicate files and flush them to save space.
It may not sound much, but if you have 5000+ pictures on your desktop, you have high chances of find many duplicates.

Since Google’s Picasa Desktop Software is just a program you can’t expect it to think intelligently and suspect those duplicate images which have different names or different file size.

For that you would need VisiPic.
Delete Similar Images using VisiPic

Step 1 – Launch the program and click on ‘File’ and then ‘Add Folders’ to list the folders you want to get scanned.

Step 2 – Slide the filter between ‘Strict’ and ‘Basic’ to select the level of intensity in finding duplicates of images.

To get rid of files founded as duplicates by VisiPic, just move your mouse over the thumbnails and press left-click to delete them.

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