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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Handy and best computer tip to join Video Files using Command Prompt

Yes, that’s right. In this post I am going to show you a simple tip to join video of various formats like Mpeg, dat, mpg.. If you have questions like

1. How to join various video files into one?

2. Join two video files?

3. How to Join videos taken from mobile phone?

Then, the best method to follow is shown below. You can join your video files using just the windows Command Prompt. No need of any video joining software’s.

Step 1: For example if you have 3 videos in your hardrive root drive: video1.mpg, video2.mpg and video3.mpg just rename them to a, b, and c (just the letter withoug the file extension).

ren video1.mpg a
ren video2.mpg b
ren video3.mpg c

Step 2: Open Command Prompt. Start–>Run–>type “cmd”.

Step 3: Type the location of the drive like d: or C:

Step 4: Type: Copy /b a + b + c videoname.mpg
and click enter

Step 5:
Now wait till you see: 1 files copied.

Join video files using command prompt
And type exit and press enter. Thats it.You are done!

Note: If you want to join two files then those files must have the same extension.

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