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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Change YouTube Channel Layout with BackgroundTube

Default layout of YouTube channel looks common and boring. If you are looking for impressive and professional looking backgrounds on your youtube channel then you can go for Background Tube. The site provides free youtube layouts along with the installation instructions. You can choose the layouts from various categories like Art, Sports, Music, Game, fantasy, et cetera. Your rejuvenated youtube channel will ultimately get new subscribers every day.
How to change YouTube Channel Layout?
Step-01- Changing YouTube layouts is very simple. Just follow the simple steps below.

Step-02- Download the Youtube Background by right clicking and saving to your computer. The raw background image will look like (as shown below).


Step-03- Navigate to your YouTube Account Settings -> Edit Channel -> Channel Design -> Themes and Colors -> Select Background Image.

Step-04- Click the Browse button to upload the image to your channel.

Step-05- Color codes that need to be copied over are listed below:

Step-06- The final Youtube channel will look like (as shown below).

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