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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Compare Page Load Time of Two Websites: Tip

Lots of services are out there for checking page load time of any site but would you ever find any that lets you compare page load times of any two sites?

Yes, there is one such website:

whichloadsfaster, a free web service that enables you to check and compare any two site’s page load time concurrently in two separate panes. It shows which one is faster and the time it takes to load individually.

Comparing is so easy, just make a visit to the site and put the url of the two sites you want to compare and press Enter. It will take a short and will show you the compared result.

Here, you can see a screenshot. I compared two sites (Google and Born To Hack), first one is Google Search Engine front page and the other one is my blog. Once the two sites were fully loaded, it showed me a report that “Google Front page is 5.4 * Faster than Born To Hack“along with the load time for both.

I hope this tip will make your web surfing experience better.

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