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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Add MP3 files into PowerPoint Documents

Microsoft does not allow you to insert or embed MP3 file in PowerPoint presentation documents. You need to convert it into WAV sound file format first to embed mp3 file. In Past we have shared a plugin that allows you to insert youtube videos into a PowerPoint slide. MP3 plugin is another free plugin that allows you to insert and play mp3 files in powerpoint documents. You need not to convert mp3 file into WAV format as you used to do in past.
Advantages of MP3 addIn
1.     MP3 AddIn internally adds a header and changes the file name of the MP3 file and makes PowerPoint “think” it is dealing with a WAV file.
2.     The new WAV file size will be no more than 2 byte bigger than the original MP3 file keeping your presentation real small and neat.
3.     You need not to remember to attach the separate MP3 files with your presentation when sending it to customers or friends.

Download – MP3 Addin for PowerPoint


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