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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Launch Of Google Chrome OS

It's official Google will launch a Chrome OS net-book on December the 7th after sending out invitations to several technology journalists.

The invitations claims that "exciting news" will be announced.It's also tipped that Google will show a Chrome Web Store.

The move by Google to a more advanced version of their Chrome OS that can run on net-books is a real threat to Microsoft who are struggling to deliver their own innovations up against a surging Google.

Google has already released Chrome 8 with underlying support for the Web Store.

when it goes live, which should be the same day.

Engadget said that the rumored Chrome OS PC won't be available till 2011 due to delays at Google.

The platform was designed with the intent of moving apps to the web and solving some of the issues of cost and performance on net-books. Devices only need a small amount of storage and can sometimes offload much of the work to the web. It represents deeper competition between Apple and Google, since both will now be competing in desktop operating systems and not just mobile.

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