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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Check Your Hard Disk For Bad Sectors And Errors?

This is probably the most important job on the maintenance checklist because Scandisk checks your hard drive for errors. If there is a problem with your hard drive then your in trouble. It is the main component in your computer and stores all of your precious data and files. It is always best to perform this check before using the disk defragmenter will not work when there are file errors or hard disk errors. Here's how to maintain your hard drive and check for bad sectors and errors:

1) Go to the Start Menu and choose My Computer

2) Right click on the drive you want to check. I always check C: drive as it is my main drive.

3) Choose Properties from the drop down menu.

4) Click on the Tools tab

5) Here you can press check now to scan your hard disc for errors.

6) A box will appear with some choices. Choose to let Windows fix errors automatically.

7) Then press start.

8) When it is finished scanning a report will appear.


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