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Friday, December 31, 2010

Access Google Docs from Microsoft Office with DocsInOffice

DocsInOffice integrates cloud services such as Google Docs with Microsoft Office. Google Docs cloud has the ability to edit various spreadsheets and other documents online. DocsInOffice lets you access and edit Google docs from Microsoft Office. You get the choice of either moving, copying or saving documents in either program. If someone is working on a particular document and want assist from a friend online, then he/she can view and work on the document in Google Docs or MS Office.


DocsInOffice Features

  • Feature roll-out includes Picasa, Google Contacts, and Dropbox integration.
  • Very easy to use and no plugin is required.
  • Access Google Docs from your MS Office apps.
  • Work privately on a document.
You can easily navigate the free online app, as many of the tools used are familiar with both Office and Google Docs. All the file extensions are supported by this app. When you click on the menu option, you can see a list of documents that you have either in DocsInOffice or in Google Docs.

Click Here to get started.

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