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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Installing More Than One Security Software Can Be Harmful

If you are planning to install one more security software with a security software already installed then please halt and read this whole post and then decide what is feasible to do.
You might think that where security software is concerned, more is better. But you'd be wrong--especially if you're talking about programs that do the same thing, like fight viruses or spyware.
For example, if you were to install MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) on a system that already had Norton Internet Security, then the latter might think that that former is a kind of spyware--or vice-versa. What's more, one security might not slow down your system that much, but certainly will.
In my advice if you're planning to switch security tools, do follow these steps:
Uninstall one, reboot, and then install the other one.

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