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Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Delete Facebook Account ? ....Must Read This....

Facebook is a very good service to connect with others but the only problem which I have with this service is that, its actually bringing in many kids and children waste their time. Not only children but also many guys are killing their time by involving themself in Facebook activities. There are also many things that proves Facebook as an addiction. Are you the one out of them? Do you want to delete your Facebook account but unable to do so? If yes, then follow an easy step from this article to delete your Facebook account.
Delete FaceBook Account

Note: Before deleting your Facebook account,you must think twice because this is a one time deletion and you won’t be able to retrieve any of the data once you have performed this action.

How to delete Facebook Account:

First login into your Facebook account. Once logged in, visit the following link:

Once you have entered into the page, you will find the “Delete Account” option on the right hand side. Use that option to delete your Facebook account permanently.

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