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Thursday, December 23, 2010

You are Not Secure Behind Proxies and VPNs

Do you hack?
Do you use a Proxy or VPN server when you're hacking?
Do you think you're secure behind a proxy or VPN?
Do you think that security agencies will never be able to catch you if you use those?

This is how they can track you:

First of all, everyone connects through an IP( Internet Protocol) address which is given to you by your ISP.
This is an identification number which the ISP can identify you by.
When you surf through a website, every website basically logs your ip address, no matter where you go to. Like msn, yahoo, facebook, your IP is logged. No matter if you use a proxy or VPN that server, the proxy or VPN servers are logging your IP address.
All security agencies have to do is get a warrant against you, if they get a warrant they can get the access logs of those VPN and proxy servers you were hiding behind, matching to your IP address and the time you were connected when you committed that crime. Then you're already busted.

My advice would be to hack yourself into some unsecure or secure wireless networks but not doing it on your neighbour's, that way also you can easily get busted, but to go out of town or at least away from your neighbourhood.

Also you might want to spoof your mac address because that can be checked too.

I just wanted to inform you all about this because there are so many of you that use proxies and VPNs and think they are completely safe but that's foolish to think because that is not true. So, Happy Hacking & Good Luck..!!

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