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Thursday, December 23, 2010

New USB Wireless File Sharing Stick by iTwin

An innovative invention, the iTwin USB drive, is all set to ship across the United States. It has finally been listed for sale in the US, however, only 50 limited edition builds will roll out prior to Christmas.

iTwin USB Filesharing Solution for US Customers Shipping Ahead of Christmas

This twin-stick solution is meant to transfer files between two USB-enabled devices.

It features a two-part device and is required to plug in one end to a computer while snapping off the second part for another person to use, thereby providing instant access between the two computers.

It works as though there was an actual hard line cable that hooked those two up. It connects almost through all firewalls.

It relies on 256-bit AES encryption to keep things secure. It works without installing any software or using a login ID.

If the user loses the device, they can text iTwin to turn off the other half or can set a password between the two. Thus, it allows simple, safe access to remote data iTwin allows remote data access with no cloud limit or fees.

Unlike rivals, the iTwin is not making any bold promises related to media streaming though. Still the gadget will be considered as an exquisite one that has come out with the new concept of ‘cableless cable’.

The product, available in gunmetal gray and lime green shades are selling for $99 inclusive of the shipping charge of $10 shipping.

Here’s a video that explains how it works:

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