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Thursday, December 23, 2010

[How-To] Block Annoying People on Facebook

Facebook is a growing online Social network and it is very common that you find someone who seems interesting and add him but later get to know the other story.

Have you even been mistreated on the social network, well sometimes your anonymous friends may not be what you have expected them to be.

So what to do? How could you remove them permanently such that your profile remains clean and personal to you only and your true friends? It real simple, this picture tutorial will help you do the same.

Why should you block annoying People?

Banned-FacebookIt is very irritating and sometime embarrassing when you have a fight with someone on the social network, he might be a real creep and upload some real nasty comments onto your pictures or statuses or profile updates.
Since all your friends are going to read it the only person hurt would be you.

I won’t deny that there are grades of people and the social network like Facebook is not a perfect place to judge someone by first look because anyone can fake it.
Some people might also upload indecent images, tag it to you and therefore it would show up in your profile.
Now, that you understand why it is important that you should know… let’s see the picture tutorial.

Complete Tutorial to Block an annoying stranger on Facebook

Step 1 – Log In to your Facebook Account


Step 2 – Go to the person’s profile that is annoying you.
Step 3 – On the left sidebar, in the last section you will see a link that says “Report/Block this person” Click it.

Now a pop-up box will open containing certain rules that the person might be breaking. Here add a suitable complain against the individual.


Step 4 – Click on “Block this person” checkbox and submit it is done.
Okay so this will disable him to post any link on your profile or anything, in fact he won’t be able to find you as well in any case. He won’t be able to see it through his friends or from the Facebook search.

This feature of Facebook is real cool, you can’t block people in real life but in the virtual world, you are the master of what happens on your network.

Okay now sometime it may happen that you block the person and your fight gets sorted in real life and then you want him again in your profile. Unblocking a friend on Facebook is real simple.

Complete Tutorial to Unblock people on Facebook
Step 1 – Open your Facebook Profile and in the upper right section click on Account >> Privacy Settings.


Step 2 – Once your privacy setting are open, click on the edit list of people who have blocked.

Step 3 – From the open page you can also add people to block list and remove people from list which are already been blocked.


Please let me know how you did like this picture tutorial on how to block people from the social network Facebook. It is always recommend you keep safe on the web and thus always take proper security measures while working with social networking websites.


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