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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Password Protect Any PDF File Without Any Software Even Adobe Not Required

In a world where there is an online application for virtually any task, especially related to PDFs, encrypting a PDF with a secure password is a breeze. PDFProtect can protect a document in seconds.
First, click Chose File and select the PDF you wish to protect.
Next, enter a desired password for the document. As with most passwords, a combination of letters and numbers is best.
Decide on encryption strength. If concerned about compatibility with older PDF readers (like say, for your friends who never update their software), choose Low encryption strength. Otherwise, choose high encryption.

Click the protect button to protect your file.

Within seconds, you are prompted to save your newly encrypted PDF. By default, the program just adds .protected after the original file name.
PDFProtect is one of the fastest, easiest ways we have found to encrypt a PDF. While no encryption is fool proof, PDFProtect’s seems on par with that built into Adobe. The site is definitely worth a bookmark for those who use PDFs on a regular basis.

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