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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Easy Steps to Secure your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of most popular social networks used by most of the people who spent their time online. Many of us have a Facebook account and thus we are always surrounded by online threats. Here the question arises how to keep safe our Facebook account forever. In this article I have mentioned three effective steps to secure Facebook account.


Step 1: Email Address

Facebook Account Security

You can enhance your account security by adding an alternative email address. If you loose your primary email address, you can still recover it through the second email address. After entering the email address, Facebook will send you a verification code.

Step 2: Facebook Mobile

Facebook Account Mobile Verification

Here you need to enter your mobile phone number and signup with Facebook mobile service. By this you can login to your account back in case you get issues with it. Simply click on Mobile Phone > + Sign up for Facebook mobile. After that select the country and the network carrier. Then you will get a confirmation code on your mobile. If this process doesn’t works for you, then you can send a Text message with the letter F to 9232232665 (92FACEBOOK).

Step 3: Security Question

Facebook Account Security Question

This is the last step in which you need to add a security question and answer in the form. You will get a list of different questions, but you have to select just one and then proceed with the save and continue option. Once done, your Facebook account is secured. Now you need not to worry anymore about your account security.
Well these are the 3 clean and easy steps to secure your Facebook account. If you know any other way to keep safe Facebook account, then let us know about it. Till then stay tuned and keep buzzing your comments.

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