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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to Convert your Youtube videos in 3D....YOUTUBE HACKS..!!!

You might have seen many 3D movies that are coming in theaters nowadays their has been considerably increase in the number of the movies in 3D. So why not watch videos in 3d for that youtube has made its system compatible to make 2D videos to 3D. but haven’t activated for all the videos. So if you want to display your Youtube videos then Follow the Below Steps :

  1. First sign in to your YouTube account and look up videos you have uploaded. Pick a favorite and edit the tags. then In tags add the below code :
  2. Now go back to the link of the video and let it stream. On the right hand corner of the video where you see the option to play the video in fullscreen you will get an option to view it in 3D.
  4. Just press it and if you have 3D glasses try look up the video on YouTube in 3D.

To See all the videos with 3d enabled videos by other users then click here.

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