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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Google TV Coming Soon

Google TV Coming Soon
Google Logo
Google Logo
Online major Google has inked a deal with Intel, Sony and Logitech for a project called Google TV. The project is expected to give a boost to viewing web applications easily via a TV.
When asked about the tie-up, the online giant has expressed that it wants better knowledge integration for its Google TV project.
According to a major daily, the company wants to bring web apps, services such as Twitter and Google search to the TV screen. Apart from that, the users can download games and other software too. Video streams from YouTube may also be sourced onto your TV screen.
Google TV will use current Android platform and set-top boxes will be loaded with Intel Atom chips inside. And to the information, Google has also built a prototype set-top box for its dream project.
Google is expected to release a tool kit for developing applications in a few months and the products based on this new interface would come out later this summer.
Earlier, it had introduced Google TV Ads to earn a chunk of revenue stream.
Google TV is a major attempt by the company to establish its leadership after its presence on the other platforms like web and mobiles.

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