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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iOS 5 is here ..........

2 days have gone by that apple as released the iOS 5 beta version for developers and also released iTunes 10.5 so here are the new features of the new OS...

  1. Notifications :- A new notifications tab has been setup by apple which notifies u about everything which is going on in ur social network. this tab is opened by sliding ur finger down from the top of the screen to down (just like android has it) but lemme tell u its better. All notifications are there itself no apps nothing. Twitter integration has also been a major revolution in this.When u receive a message a notification comes up in the tab.
  2. Reminder:- A new system has been setup of reminder where the reminders can be set and it will show on the icon itself no need to go inside it.
  3. New Keyboard for iPad:- the people who like writing with thumb will be very happy with this keyboard which is split from the middle and one can type with thumbs only.
  4. NewsStand:- if u r crazy about reading magazines, news etc then this app is for u. app stores combines all the updates and show it on home screen itself.
Another good thing is that iOS 5 is also available for iPhone 3GS and the speed is revolutionary because it a lot quicker.

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