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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Download Facebook Albums in Firefox

When Facebook revamped its photo uploader, it made it easier to add photos in bulk as opposed to five at a time with the old uploader. Downloading photos however remains complicated at the best. Fuschipranie is a Firefox extension that lets you download all photos in any album (your’s or a friend’s) without using a third party application.

facebook album download

To download an album, right-click it and choose Fuschipranie’s Download. A dialog box will open asking you to either specify a prefix for the image names or to use the same one as Facebook. Specifying a prefix will make it easier to search for images. Click OK to continue, specify where you want to save the images, you can create a new folder or save them to an existing one.

facebook album save

The images are downloaded to the specified path. You can download any album that is visible to you, if you frequently download Facebook albums, you can specify a default path for the extension to save pictures to from the extension options. The images are downloaded in their original format and do not have to be unzipped.

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