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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tip to Implement Best Password Policy for Windows Authentication

By default Windows accepts both short and long passwords as the Windows login password.
Some users use extremely short passwords, which can easily be brute forced.

So in order to set the minimum number
of characters or the minimum length of the password, simply follow the following registry trick-:

1. Launch the Windows Registry Editor i.e. c:\windows\regedit.exe

2. Scroll down to the following registry key:

3. Click on Edit > New DWORD Value.

4. Name this new DWORD value as MinPwdLen and in the data field, enter the minimum number of characters
the password has to be of. One thing to note here is that this value is in Hexadecimal.

5. Now, Press F5 and your system just became a tiny bit securer but certainly not unhackable.

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