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Friday, June 3, 2011

Download Picasa Albums With Picasa Grabber

Picasa users who upload photos to the online photo hosting service can flag them as public or private. Public photos and galleries become searchable on the Picasa website. Everyone can view and download photos directly on the website of Google’s photo hosting site. Individual photos can be downloaded in various ways. Many photos on Picasa feature a download link at the top of the screen which can be used to download the selected photo to the local system. It is also possible to right-click the photos to save them to the device. This is a core difference to Flickr which adds an invisible and transparent layer on top of photos as a basic form of protection.

While individual photo downloads are less restricted on Picasa, it is still not comfortable to download multiple photos or even a gallery of photos from the photo service.

The free Windows software Photo Grabber has been designed to make the downloading of Picasa photo galleries as comfortable as possible.

All you need is a gallery’s RSS feed link to download all of its photos to your local Windows PC. RSS links are displayed on gallery pages and search pages on Picasa. The RSS links are either displayed on the right in a sidebar on photo album pages or at the bottom right on search pages.

picasa grabber

You can start Picasa Grabber right away after you have downloaded the program from the developer website. The application has a size of 20 Kilobytes. Its interface is as minimalistic as possible. It consists of two form fields. Paste the Picasa album RSS feed url into the first, and select a local directory with a click on destination folder in the second.
A click on go parses the RSS feed and begins the photo download.

picasa photo album download

A download progress bar is shown on the screen. You can use Picasa Grabber to download all photos of a public Picasa photo album or search results page at a time. A queue to download multiple albums one after the other would have been handy.

Still, Picasa Grabber is a lightweight portable program for Windows users who like to download photo albums from Picasa. The program worked fine on a PC running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional, it should run fine on other Windows systems as well. Download of the program is offered at Google Code.

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