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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Submit Your Site ot 2500+ Websites.......

Did you created a new website?want to show to every one your website?What you have to do next?

The first step you have to make for indexing your site in search results is directory submission.A directory works to allow search engines to locate your site.

The benefits of directory submission includes,it is free to submit your site to directory and you will get one way backlinks to your site for free.Getting a backlink is very important since it will allow your site to be indexed very easily by search engine bots.Also the google is desiding the page rank on the basis of back links.So the number of backlinks makes important role in the site rank.Search engine bots will visit the directories more regularly than visiting the other sites.So the bots will catch your site very easily.

There are two types of directory submissions available.One is paid directories and another one is free directory submission.Both the directories are gives back links but,the paid directory gives you more benefit.Yahoo is providing paid directory service and which will help you more to crawl your site.

There are two types of submission to directory one is manual submission and the other one is automatic directory submission.It is better to submit your directory manually,since some of the directory services allowing you to enter more data about your site.But in the case of automated directory submission,those sites are using some scripts and it will submit to bulk amount of directories and it will submit your site in the short description.

When you submit your site to directories make sure that you have given a small description about your site while submiting.It will make your site more specific.

Here I would like to share one link by following that you can submit your site 2500+ sites.Its free and you can submit your site to 2500+ sites just one click.By submiting your site there you can get 2500 back links for free.

The sites you are submitting here is mainly “whois”,”about us”,”statistics sites etc.It will create 2500+ free back links to your site and it will cause crawling of your site very easily by google and other search engines.

Visit the above link and submit your site for free..


  1. directory submission is the nice way for the improving your keywords.

  2. yeah..!! it is one of the best methods of improving website ranking...!!!


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  4. thanks for sharing information i was got back links from the above link.