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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hack Facebook and Twitter Passwords through wifi and also protection from this hack......

Using Facebook or Twitter account while you are on a public network unsecured wifi is like giving invitation to hackers.Then this is the time that you should think about your account security.If you think that facebook or Twitter are secured websites then it’s the time to face the reality. they are not secured.Whenever you login into your facebook or twiiter account check the address bar of your browser you will see something like is the case with twitter.They use http protocol instead of secured https protocol.But if you login into your gmail account you will notice that it uses https protocol.

So, the trick I am telling you works only on websites like facebook, twiiter, flickr but not on secured websites like Gmail. So here isTrick to Hack Facebook and Twitter Password on Wifiand also the method of protection from this hack.This trickdoesn'trequire any programmingknowledgeand everyone can use this trick easily.

1.Download firesheeFirefox extension.This is a freeware extension for firefox browser.