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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Auto Directory Submitter - free SEO Tool Downloader

After developing your site,you have to submit it to search engines and other directories.Directory submission results high ranking in Google,and will drive quality traffic to your website.There are hundreds of directories where you can submit your site for free.

But if you are going to submit to this directories manually,It will take number of days to finish the work.Since you have to submit all your site details with captcha code to one by one directory.Even if you are very fast with your Internet speed,it is very difficult to submit your site to site directories manually.

Here I would like to introduce a SEO tool which will help you to submit your site to 100+ directories with one click.Yeah ,It is an automatic directory submitter which will save your lot of time from directory submission.

By the help of this software or SEO tool you can just enter your site details including Title,Description,category,meta tags and you can hit enter once you are hit enter it will start submitting your site to site directories.

You may have to fill some captcha for some directory submission.If it needs any directory submission you have to enter it manually.

To use this SEO tool,automatic directory submitter,you have to create an account with it.Once you are downloaded and installed it in your computer,you can open it.When you are opening it, it will ask you to log in or to create an account.

As a new user you can click on the create new account and there you have to enter one email id and password.Note that the email id you are entered should be genuine and you have to confirm your directory submission.

If you are done and created an account you can log in and create a new campaign.The campaign includes the site details of you.
Once you are created a campaign you can hit Express submission.It will lead you the process of automatic directory submission.

If you want to submit it manually you can do it by click on the manual submit menu.

Download information:

You can download the auto directory submitter from the below link.

Download Now Auto Directory Submitter

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