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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Processor Selection Guide For Servers,Business & Gaming

When it comes to processor considerations, the home users falls into one of the two categories – The Gaming Enthusiastic and Regular Work users who are budget conscious. Budget PC owners would use their computer for surfing the web,doing home accounting and Microsoft word related job. On the other hand gamers would push their PC beyond the needs of a regular productivity applications.
processor selection for gaming
A CAD/Visual Modelling user would want the same high CPU(128bit or more) performance that the gamer lusts for. Differentiation becomes sharper when you consider complete PC solutions. For example where a gamer could make do with 8GB of RAM, while the CAD user working with large drawings could use all the RAM he/she can afford. Since complete system are not our focus here, these categories can be grouped together.

Enterprise Servers

processor for business  
You can easily get away with a Athlon X2 Dual Core CPU’s or Intel’s Core 2 Duo Processors  for small networks. Top of the line systems are needed only by the most intensive applications. For example Enterprise data servers and terminal servers supporting thin clients are always CPU starved. For Such Strenuous usage, the Intel® Xeon® Processor Series still rules supreme. Offering Generous level 8 MB – 12 MB of L2 cache per processor with multiprocessing capability, They are only options for high End Needs.


If all your business demands from your PC is a little accounting and web surfing, just about any processor will do fine – the Anthlon X2 gives exceptional vale for money. For more intensive spreadsheet and graphics/studio work needs, go in for a Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Corei3 or Intel Corei7 processors.


budget processor small network 
Over the years, games have always been at the forefront of technology. Constantly enhancing realism and creating even more immersive environments, they are biggest processors hogs. Consequently, a serious gamers need a high end processor the Amd Phenom IIx6 Series Processors are best choice if you want to save some money otherwise Intel I7 920 is just more than enough what you need for gaming.


On a decent budget AMD Athlon is the processor of choice, offering great performance at low cost.
When you choose a processor, make sure you put in the same careful consideration into choosing components that compliment its capabilities. Only then you can get the most out of your machine.

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