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Monday, August 15, 2011 Job Portal)Hacked !! By T@j And @p3X Pr3d@t0r

On Late 14th Aug Night ….Which turned out to be a nightmare for (Pak Based Job Portal) When T@J And @p3X Pr34@t0r Hit………


The Reason For their Hack Was Unknown ……..But They Call It PATRIOTISM…..
According to @p3X Pr3Dat0r….. “If They Can Hack Us Easily, Same Implies To Them”

According to mirror service ….these hacks were added in the name of  ”Technical Rainbows” Is One of the job portals of pakistan..
In the End ,T@j and Ap3X Pr3d470r says” Freedom Is Not Given It Is Taken -Happy Independence Day 2011 To All India”

View Defacement Here-

[via starthack ]

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