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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Black Hole Exploit Kit - A Deadly Russian Crimeware

Russian hackers have a very strong history with Malware development, Infact russians hackers currently own world's most dangerous malwares. One of those dangerous and popular malware's we have is the "Black Hole Exploit Kit". Black hole exploit kit is basically a collection of tons of browser exploit which takes advantage of the vulnerability on user browser in order to infect your computer.

How Does It Works?

When ever a user visits a clean website, the malicious Iframe then redirects the user to the blackhole exploit server, Which then triggers out all the well known exploits on victims browser and gives remote access to the attacker.


The annual license for blackhole exploit kit costs around 1500$, the semi annual license costs 700$ and the quarterly license costs 700$. The author also gives you option to rent the exploit kit as well as you can host the exploit kit on authors server for a small fee.

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