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Sunday, August 7, 2011

War Texting Allows Hackers To Unlock Car Doors Via SMS

Senior iSec researcher Don Bailey has developed an exploit which can allow the attacker to unlock car doors, hack car alarm system and even start their car, this method has been named as "War Texting", it took a time span of less than two hours for Don Bailey to hijack into Car's Alaram system and remotely start the car.

Resources claim that bailey will demonstrate this hack next week in Black Hat Security Conference at Los vegas where he will show the live demonstration of this attack. The presentation is named as "War Texting"

According To ISEC partners

We are seeing more GSM [Global System for Mobile Communications]-enabled systems popping up in consumer culture and industrial control systems. They're not just in Zoombak [Global Positioning System] location devices and personal security control systems, but also in sensors deployed for waste treatment facilities, SCADA [Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition] and call-back systems, physical security systems, industrial control systems

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